Stuart Myers


Posted 3 years ago on November 20th 2017

I had the pleasure over the last few months to work with Dan Kondratyuk and fellow composer and sound designer Travis W. Hendrix on Dan's open-source plank puzzle game, Nodulus.


Nodulus is a puzzle game with a clever twist. Based on the mathematical theory behind plank puzzles, consists of a grid of cubes and rods which can be rotated with a swipe. Turn the activated cubes to reach the end cube to win the level.

  • Original concept - designed and developed by a math lover
  • 20 increasingly challenging levels that will test your problem solving
  • Quick and easy level select
  • Abstract atmosphere with relaxing music
  • Optimized for touch devices


The game is open source under the MIT licence and is available on GitHub.

My involvement in this project included making most of the game play and user interface sounds (the musical notes for moving rods, whoosh to the level select screen, the victory arpeggio, error sounds etc.)