Stuart Myers

Keyboard Warriors RPG

Posted 5 months ago on January 9th 2020

As part of my studies at General Assembly in Singapore, our first portfolio project was to create a game that can be played entirely in the browser, using javascript.

Presenting the Keyboard Warriors RPG.


After selecting a character class, a 1, 2 or 3 word phrase will appear.

Type the phrase in to score a point. Make a mistake or typo to lose a life.

If you make consecutive mistakes without a correct character being typed in, you won't lose more than 1 life.


  • Simple player "classes" (difficulty):

    • Point 'n' Click Adventurer (easy 1 short word)
    • Keyboard Warrior (medium 2 medium words)
    • Netcodemancer (hard 3 any words)
  • Each successful phrase completed is an "attack".
  • Levels to go through:

    • Grassy Field
    • Dusty Desert
    • Creepy Caves
  • Some light RPG-style levelling up and damage progression.
  • Special boss attacks/features for the three bosses.
  • Simple animations
  • A randomised group of enemies to attack

Source code hosted on Github