Stuart Myers

Bunga Tanjong

Posted 4 years ago on March 1st 2016

Mariam’s education is forced to a stop when she is married off to a gangster named Hassan. Hassan is an irresponsible husband, who is willing to sell off his wife for money. This experience causes Mariam to distrust and build a profound hatred towards all men. With the help of Wan Katijah, Mariam is given a job to work in a popular local dance club, Bunga Tanjong. However, Puteh, a senior dancer in Bunga Tanjong, does not welcome Mariam. One day, a fight between groups of gangster happens in the vicinity of the club. The fight threatens to smear the club’s reputation. The owner of Bunga Tanjong, Kim Chian talks about his problem to Kamal, his loyal assistant. Kim Chian then hires men to eliminate the chief gangster

Sound design and mix for this excellent Malay TV series. I also had the privilege of recording the English dub of Bunga Tanjong, which was a fantastic experience with a great cast and crew!

Bunga Tanjong was also a finalist for Best Television - Entertainment Special Program Mini Series at the New York Festivals 2017.